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Atlanta is a unique and culturally rich metropolis with world-class museums, theatre, and the arts. The economy is strong, the population is young and imaginative, and the social scene is invigorating. Atlanta caters to the interests of a wide subset of the population and one of the attractions that aid Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium. Located at the heart of the city, this is one of the world’s largest aquariums with interactive activities, permanent and temporary exhibits, and over 10,000 animals. Get your Georgia Aquarium tickets to visit one of Atlanta’s must-see attractions.

Why Visit Georgia Aquarium

While aquariums are not exactly the most unique attractions in the world. Georgia Aquarium has certainly reinvented itself in the 16 years of its operation with some crowd-favorite and uncommon activities and exhibits.

Georgia aquarium tickets
  • The aquarium is divided into 8 zones that consist of different marine animals.
  • A 4D interactive theater is present to bring an immersive aquatic experience to the visitors.
  • Georgia Aquarium is known for its animal encounters with belugas, sea lions, seals, dolphins, and penguins among others.
  • You can witness prehistoric marine life with the help of a VR simulator.
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  • You can dive with sharks and encounter them in an environment similar to their natural habitat.
  • You can sleep under the sea at Georgia Aquarium and spend the night counting marine animals.
  • Witness what’s going on behind the scenes of the popular exhibits of the Georgia Aquarium with a Behind the Seas Highlight Tour.

Your Georgia Aquarium Tickets Explained

The Georgia Aquarium ticket grants you direct entry into the venue. Once inside, you will be able to visit the 7 zones in which the park has been divided. This ticket lets you watch aquatic animals like whale sharks, manta rays, beluga whales, African penguins, common bottlenose dolphins from behind the window. You can take a walk through the giant tank's clear underwater tunnel. You can travel back in time with the VR experience and also observe the largest living reef exhibit in the world.

You can get a full refund on canceling this ticket up to 24 hours before the schedule. Your ticket is only valid for the date and time selected during checkout.

Discounted Georgia Aquarium Tickets

If you want to secure Georgia Aquarium tickets at a discounted rate, you can go for the membership plans available at the facility. All members get admission tickets at a 10% discount in addition to free general admission tickets, parking cards, and a private behind-the-scenes tour.

Best Way to Buy Tickets to Georgia Aquarium

The best way to secure tickets for Georgia Aquarium is online. Considering the global circumstances, contactless methods of purchasing and paying are the logical thing to do. Besides, online purchasing lets you book your ticket in advance and ensures a reserved spot at a time when Georgia Aquarium has limited its capacity. With online tickets, you can choose your preferred entry time slot as well.

What to do/see at Georgia Aquarium

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SHARKS! Predators of the Deep

Sharks! Predators of the Deep is one of North America's best and most exciting shark shows. Georgia Aquarium's goal is to give visitors a new perspective on the critical role sharks play in the ocean's health. Sharks face a variety of threats, including overfishing and habitat destruction, but humans are the most dangerous. You'll learn more about these top predators and their relevance to our world in this new immersive gallery.

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Pier 225

At Pier 225, you can dive into the world of the charismatic California sea lion. During the Under the Boardwalk show, you will learn, laugh, and fall in love with the sea lions who call Georgia Aquarium home. You will be taken to the coast of California for an up-close look at this amazing species during your stay at Pier 225. Trainers engage with the social pinnipeds while informing visitors about the threats they face in the wild as well as important environmental factors that affect them.

Georgia Aquarium Tickets River Scout

River Scout

Explore the large variety of animals living in the rivers of Africa, South America, Asia, and right here in Georgia in the River Scout gallery. This gallery features a themed world of waterfalls, logjams, and a virtual meandering North American river flowing over your shoulders. Alligator snapping turtles, archerfish, and Asian small-clawed otters are among the river animals featured in the Southern Company River Scout gallery. Kids can also easily invest themselves in piranhas and get a close-up glimpse at these voracious predators' razor-sharp teeth.

Georgia Aquarium Tickets Ocean Voyager

Ocean Voyager

Whale sharks, manta rays, and thousands of other fascinating species can be found in the Ocean Voyager gallery. Ocean Voyager is one of the world's largest single underwater shows, with an acrylic tunnel that lets visitors see thousands of sea animals from all sides and a giant acrylic viewing window that allows them to explore the oceans like never before. This exhibit was created specifically to house whale sharks, the world's largest fish species. The waters of this ocean sanctuary are home to schools of predatory trevally jacks, squadrons of small and large stingrays, and enormous goliath grouper.

Georgia Aquarium Tickets Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters are a favorite among animal lovers. At Georgia Aquarium, you can interact with sharks, rays, and belugas right in their habitat. You can also go up close and personal with trained dolphins, sea lions, and seals. Penguins, seals, sea otters, and other aquatic animals are also present at Georgia Aquarium and you can meet them all on your visit to this amazing place.

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Tropical Diver

The tropical coral reef displays at Tropical Diver are set up like a living art gallery, complete with curious garden eels poking their heads out of the sea. It has live corals and colorful reef fish and overhead crashing waves to recreate tropical Pacific coral reef. Children will be able to spot seahorses, fairy basslets, and other sea gems, in this vibrant gallery.

Georgia Aquarium Tickets Cold Water Quest

Cold Water Quest

Fish and marine mammals flourish in the cold ocean waters, just as they do in Cold Water Quest. Among the rocky ledges and kelp forests underneath the waves, curious animals such as Australian weedy sea dragons, garibaldi damselfish, and Japanese spider crabs can be found. Some of the world's coldest underwater creatures, such as sea otters, penguins, and more, can be found in this gallery. Guests will be able to interact with their favorites through acrylic tunnels and pop-up windows built into the show.

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Shows & Presentations

Georgia Aquarium has a 4D theater that enables you to experience the aquatic world in a whole new light. In the Dolphins in Depth presentation, you will witness the strength, agility, and dexterity possessed by these lovable creatures. With Waddle Walk, you will see a few of the African Penguins of Georgia Aquarium out on a walk with their trainers. Under the Boardwalk features the famous California Sea Lions. The VR show transports you to prehistoric times to encounter the aquatic life of those times.

Plan Your Visit to Georgia Aquarium

Getting there
Visitor Rules
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georgia aquarium facilities
  • The Southwest Lounge is available for the visitors to relax in.
  • Mobile device charging stations are available at Georgia Aquarium.
  • Free WiFi is available for the visitors of the Georgia Aquarium.
  • You can print and collect your pictures with custom backgrounds from the kiosks before leaving the Georgia Aquarium.
  • Georgia Aquarium is stroller and wheelchair accessible.
  • A Lost & Found facility is available at Georgia Aquarium.
  • Located between the Tropical Diver and Ocean Voyager is the First Aid room serviced by Piedmont Hospital staff.
  • Private nursing and pumping rooms are available inside Georgia Aquarium.
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  • You cannot bring your food and beverages inside the Georgia Aquarium. An exception can be made for people with food allergies and young children.
  • The use of camera flash in the presence of the animals is strictly prohibited.
  • Weapons are strictly prohibited inside the Georgia Aquarium premises.

Georgia Aquarium Tickets: FAQs

Where can I buy Georgia Aquarium tickets?

You can purchase your Georgia Aquarium tickets online on the official website or on third-party websites to avail of exclusive offers.

Who can get discounted Georgia Aquarium tickets?

Discounted Georgia Aquarium tickets are available for members.

Is Georgia Aquarium worth it?

Yes, Georgia Aquarium is worth the visit with its 10,000 aquatic animals, numerous shows, and presentations.

How long does it take to walk through the Georgia Aquarium?

It takes about 4 hours to cover the entire Georgia Aquarium.

Should I buy Georgia Aquarium tickets in advance?

Yes, Georgia Aquarium is a popular venue that is currently running at limited capacity which makes advanced booking the preferable option.

Which is the best way to purchase tickets to Georgia Aquarium?

Georgia Aquarium tickets are best purchased online. That way you can guarantee your entry slot and make the transaction faster and more secure.

What is the validity of Georgia Aquarium tickets?

Georgia Aquarium tickets are valid for the date and slot selected during booking.

Can I cancel my tickets to Georgia Aquarium?

Yes, you can cancel your Georgia Aquarium tickets up to 24 hours before the scheduled date.

Which animals can I expect to see at the aquarium?

Georgia Aquarium has sea lions, sharks, penguins, beluga whales, sea otters, dolphins, seals, rays, and many others.